Step into new Energies

This online Zoom group is for mothers who feel excessive worry and fear about their children’s mental or physical health.


In this safe space we will help you to explore the fundamental question:


Is it possible and can I allow myself to be happy when my child is not, because she/he has a mental or physical health issue such as: chronic illness, addiction, depression, PTSD or anxiety?


We want our children to be happy and healthy. But what if they are not? 


Be inspired to trust your children on their path, no matter how hard it may seem.

In our group, we keep everything confidential. We support each other and we tap – a lot. We will provide you with  a variety of ways to detach lovingly from your child’s suffering so you feel more able to make nourishing self-care decisions to increase your level of happiness and self fulfillment – EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques or also known as Tapping will be at the forefront of our group sessions.


As you learn the gentle self-help techniques of tapping to reduce your stress and overwhelm and begin to feel better, your child may have the space to feel better too!

However, our ultimate goal is to empower mothers to live a fulfilled and happier life despite the current challenging circumstances.


We have combined many years of experience with group work in various settings and know the benefit of being part of a loving support system where there is no judgement.


Here, we can throw out any self-doubts about our abilities and begin to believe that:

We are in fact great women and mothers

A Tapping Circle for Mothers

Program Outline

6 weekly sessions - we offer sliding payments

New online Zoom program beginning in mid January 2022

Please book in a private 15min free Zoom consultation before the beginning of the program


Topics will include:

  1. Isolation

  2. Feeling powerless

  3. Wanting to fix and help

  4. Mirroring what our children feel – vicarious PTSD, depression, etc

  5. Conflict about the thought of letting go with love from our children’s suffering

  6. How to be happier and live a fulfilling life

In each session, we will include other techniques like meditation or daily habits to improve well-being. We will go into detail about the power of our thoughts and how we can positively change our lives by changing our thoughts. This gives us increased emotional freedom and responsibility over our lives.


Change your thoughts to change your life